General: Communication/Behavior
1. If you deliberately disobey instructions given by the Game Admins you may be jailed, muted, temp banned, or receive other forms of punishment, without warning.
2. Do not attempt to spam/flood the broadcasts or make hateful, racist or sexually offensive remarks.
3. Don’t give out information that personally identifies you such as your real name, address, phone number, etc. This information could be used by other players for illegal or harmful purposes. Also, don’t give out the personal information of other players.
4. Do not broadcast in ALL CAPS. It comes across as yelling which is rude. Nor in StIcKy CaPs.. that’s just annoying.
5. Registering inappropriate (vulgar, hateful, racist) nicknames is unacceptable and will result in your username being terminated.
6. No promoting on the server. That goes for websites, games, servers… etcetera.
7. Read all signs in game. Some times a sign may convey rules for an event, or a specific quest, these rules must be adhered to.
8. Do not attempt to abuse bugs or use macros. If you come across a bug let the administration staff know. Your reward will always be more lucrative then the exploits.
9. Advancement Hireling  quests are TOP SECRET.   You may not discuss ANY advancement hireling quest info, rewards, or challenges with anyone other then Gennova or Sugarkitt.
10. You are responsible for assuring that your password is secure. Admins will not restore accounts for you. Attempting to guess someone else’s password will result in a permanent ban.
11. There will be NO buying/selling/trading of accounts. Admins are not interested in resolving any scamming that may occur.
12. Do NOT litter. There are trash cans throughout the world, use them!

No Flee Killing – This refers to entering a battle.. killing monsters and then fleeing before the last monster is dead to ensure that the mob still exists in the outside world to be killed again without waiting for respawn. Doing this will result in a length of time gaining less exp, drops or even having your stats reset to 0 while keeping your kill counts.

Fleeing a battle is fine if all hope is lost, you are nearly dead, need to logoff in a hurry, someone entered to pk you, or you want to reorder your party but those are the only acceptable times to flee.

Use of Alts/Multi-Clienting:
There is only one time that creating an alternate character is acceptable, and this is for use as a storage account. Storage space in game is often limited until you have purchased a house, as such you are allowed 1 alternate character for the purpose of storage.

Alt Killing (Cheap PK) – If you are caught cheating PK your PVP points will be reset to 0. You will lose all of your wins but retain all your losses with your win count added to them as punishment.Same rule applies for purposely allowing someone else to kill you (and vice versa) in a cheap pk exchange.

Multiple Characters – If you intend to actively play on multiple characters any items between your characters may not be transferred between them. You will no longer be allowed to have a storage alternate.

Forts Rules:

1. You are not allowed to multiclient to scout the forts or battle in the forts.
2. If you are ‘attacking’ a fort then be prepared. Defenders are summoned without warning so have an excuse but there is NO REASON for the attacking guild to enter then start stalling in the corner. If you are Defending.. then defend. If you are attacking.. then attack. Attackers that repeatedly just enter forts and stall/do nothing forever will eventually be barred from competing in the forts. You are the attacker.. it’s your job to initiate the fight. All the defenders have to do is stand there and defend it. Boring the defenders to death is not an acceptable strategy.
3. To attack the fort you must give a minimum of 2 minutes warning, and a maximum of 10 minutes. The defending guild must have a member online. If you declare an incoming attack and the defending guild logs out, you may continue with the attack and seize the fort without a fight. However Attacking while no one is online is not in the spirit of forts and thus not allowed.
4.If you are the attacker, you must attack until your last hireling is killed. You may NOT leave early unless agreed to by the defender, so be wary in your attacks.
5. If you are the defender, you must stay until you have fought and brought to 1 hireling left remaining before fleeing. By taking forts you have agreed to be ready for anything. Fleeing as a defender before engaging in combat is illegal. If you have a fort, defend it.

1. Do not beg admins for events. The more you annoy admins about events the less they will be held.
2. Do not complain about who participates in a tournament. They are open to whoever meets the criteria.

Some specific event rules/instructions can be found on discord. It’s suggested you read that channel as the admins will not answer numerous questions about each event just because you don’t understand the instructions. The discord exists for a reason.

Other Rules:

Other rules may be brought to attention in the discord chat, please be sure to check the discord periodically, as well as check the Rules section of discord.

Guides and Admins:

Any and all rules are subject to the discretion of our staff members. Guides, Admins and Discord Moderators are within their rights to change punishments at will. When an admin or staff member tells you to do something that is counter to what is posted here. The staff members words have the most weight. If a situation occurs and you are unhappy with the way a staff member treated you in the situation or feel it was unfair you can contact Gennova  by email at or you can contact Surgarkitt by email at

These rules will be updated as the need arises. Please check back from time to time.